This is a copy of the schedule as at 10:00pm on Friday 26 October

Image of the 2018 schedule
1Are secondary school education structures past use-by date? / School fails next gen? New models of learningTe Ao Māori is Te AoCritically examining social enterprise & entrepreneurship / Cross-section relationshipsFinding the innovative hearty champions lurking inside large corporations / Innovation & Creativity
2How to build human-centred leadership culture in our organisations / What are the 'levers' of cultural change?Looming disruption for the tertiary education sector / How do we get schools to teach stuff like civics, financial literacy, self-care and other real-world skills / Building the skills we need for the future of work & solving wicked problemsBuilding thriving communities / How to get involved in community buildingKaitiaki te whenua te ao, regenerating land-use models for environmental economic transition
3Using STEAM to build communities and empower people / Educational change using STEM / Science much?Thank you for your data—what does 'social licence' mean? / Who is sharing my dataThe sharing economy: co-living, shared resources / Co-living, connecting, thriving social humansMoving past the 'principles' to honouring the Te Tiriti
4Giving yourself permission to write poetry / How to draw cats! / Tips to get better at artsBLOCKEDHow to 'Robin Hood' resources & resources and knowledge to under-served communities / Sponsorship: how to give, how to getImmersive tech in education / Accessibility and inclusion
5Technology seems to be fueling social dynamics that are destroying democracy. What do we do? / How to build widespread engagement with political democracy amongst the young and othersPredator Free NZBLOCKEDReconciling #metoo and decarceration